Second Week 
I had my first Lab for Human Anatomy early Monday morning.(9:30) I have to catch the bus at 7:25. It was a bust as far as I'm concerned. It is a self-serve model with no instruction. The lab tech is a biology major, but has no anatomy experience. So we have the opportunity to look at all the bones that are stored in cupboards and drawers and compare them to our anatomy textbooks. I spent most of the time just looking for the bones listed in our lab books. Then I compared the textbook to the real bones. The lab tech said that we did not need to come if we didn't want to. Since it is early in the morning and my lecture is 9 hours later, I will only come every other week or so. In between I will go through my textbook and just identify and memorize.
The first painting class on Tuesday was fun. We got to into the Goldfarb Learning Centre and look at original art pieces that were donated to the university by the Goldfarb's. They had a lot of Jean Claude Riopelle's! Anyway, we looked at some pieces and talked about the composition and colour of the peices and how it affected the focal point.
The we started our 4 study peices. I finished 2 in the class and 2 on my Wednesday day of no classes.
On WEdensday, I did paint most of the day plus some reading, walk the dog, had a nap and had a great bike ride with Roland. (instead of the gym)
Thursday was a long day. Catch the bus at 6:10, and classes and tutourials all day with an hour in between them all. Back home by 10:30.
We had a great debate in Critical Issues about the reading of "What is Art?" The theory is that Art (with a capital A) did not exist until 250 years ago, when the public decided to institutionalize art and give it meaning. And and artist is a person of genius who has full authority over his/her work. I'l let you think on this and please state your opinion!
In Modern Art lecture, I used a recorder and felt much better about keeping up with the lecture. The tutorial will help alot to focus on what is necessary to focus on with regards to the essay and exam.
My Art and Ideas class is interesting. I will be able to write about and discuss the arts (all the disciplines of fine arts) when I learn the language. Again this tutorial is a life saver.
Whew what a week! But I am keeping up and feel good about it!

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